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How to Make Your Laptop Run Faster

I was originally wrote this article to answer a question in this forum. However, I will  rewrite in this web anyway.
From hardware side:
  1. Storage: choose SSD rather than HDD to get much faster performance. (and much higher price too :-))
  2. Processor : check this benchmark link
    Mobile Processors - Benchmark List
    and choose the highest rank of processor you can afford.
  3. Graphics processor (GPU): check this benchmark link Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List and choose a laptop with highest rank of GPU and biggest dedicated GPU memory you can afford.
  4. Memory (RAM): choose laptop with biggest RAM and most recent technology you can afford. (rightnow, most recent laptop using ddr4 RAM, while older one with ddr3 RAM is still available-and more common in laptop stores). Dont lay on plan to upgrade memory later because some laptops in not that easy to be upgraded. (for example for Asus A455 series, they have only one memory slot for upgrade. the built in memory is soldered to the mainboard. for this series, the i3 have only 2gb of RAM while i5 and i7 have 4gb of RAM. Since you cannot change this built in memory, if you consider to buy this asus series better to choose i5 or i7)
For daily non-graphics intensive use, point 1 and 4 will give more impact, while for heavy load/graphics intensive all 4 point have impact.
From software side:
  1. Make sure there are as few as possible program running at startup. Disable what you dont need. (run-msconfig-startup or using cccleaner or similar software)
  2. Many laptops come with a lot of bloatware (a software you dont really need and just a burden for your laptop). Uninstall or deactivate the ones you dont need.
  3. You may set your display appearance for best performance. Sure it will less fancy but give you more speed.
  4. Beware of viruses. viruses will slow down your laptop a lot. Choose good and lightweight anti virus. It is not recommended to use many anti virus in one laptop since they will slow down your laptop a lot. Choose one and update it regularly. (i personally using esset)